Gastromomic sessions

yummy sessions

Taste this gastronomic symphony!!
In case of allergies or food phobia let us know.

Open Days
tuesday ,Wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday.
Time: 9 p.m.

7 Recipes 60€
7 Recipes + 6 Wines 80€


1) Cured tuna, spicy mojo with olives and pickles.
2) Artichokes stuffed with quail egg, mushrooms and truffle mayonnaise.
3) Pumpkin ravioli stuffed with duck and orange enmulsion.
4) Scallops with black sausage, orzo with placton and green rice popcorn.
5) Lamb, cooked at low temperature with pistachio and mint pesto.
6) Chestnut foam, biscuit with coffee grounds and red berries.
7) Lentils with chocolates